Making online business Simpler
26 July Friday 2:35am

Making online business Simpler

Making life easier not harder



The ultimate marketplace for independent florists. Designed to support the florists in the area you want to send flowers TO.

Provides every florist with their own micro site, full management of all arrangements, orders, sales, workshops ...



  • postcode and suburb search to find who delivers where you want
  • direct selection and purchase from the florist themselves on the site
  • workshops, add-ons, florist and customer dashboards, order history, reporting


The difference is that the customer searches the areas they want to send flowers to, and any florist in the system that will deliver there will show in the results, with featured arrangements and services. Apart from a small % for site admin, there is no charge to the Florist, and payment is managed through Stripe to pay the florists directly into their bank accounts.

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