Making online business Simpler
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Making online business Simpler

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Help desk / Ticket Support System

Help Desk / Ticket Support System

The Silvertrees Ticket Support system is designed to simplify and enable efficient management of work processes and client interactions. Tiered administration levels enable you to set up users with different access privileges based on their administration or client role.


Support tickets are categorised based on your requirements and also their current status, which provides a colour-coded overview, enabling you to manage more urgent items first. Any ticket can be assigned to anyone on the team, reassigned, pushed back up the system, or to the client .....simply and quickly

Each ticket files all emails, responses, attachments and allows you to manage all processes 'inline' - which makes it simple to view any previous comments, attachments and assignments relating to the issue.

For every ticket, you can monitor the time taken, by each person, or for any aspect of the job, allowing comprehensive project analysis, as well as easy time reporting at any stage for complex projects involving many tickets, and many people. 

A full screen Calendar view also allows instant 'real life' views of all ongoing projects, making scheduling and deadline management easy.

At Silvertrees we focus on Design, Function & Technology

Incorporating design, function and innovative technology, we work towards realizing peoples' dreams. We develop websites & internet solutions, providing seamless integration of media, communication & content management... All silvertrees sites are built with comprehensive Content Management Systems. Using a modular approach, administration for any kind of site, and any aspect of that site, can be quickly and reliably added and maintained by client staff at any skill level.

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