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Making online business Simpler

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Hardware & Glass

Hardware & Glass

Direct Sales & Enquiry System

This system is best described as a mechanism for focusing keyword based domains into one comprehensive sales and enquiry management tool, which can also accommodate a virtually infinite number of associated companies and their products. It delivers all this in a revolutionary way, leveraging search engine functionality (Google, Yahoo etc) and unique dynamic page presentation techniques.


There are three essential components to the system:


The system allows the owner/administrator to direct literally hundreds of keyword based, generic or specific domain names to the website – and through simple to use management tools – quickly and easily create unique content for each.



In the system as it has been initially designed, the administrator is able to include any number of associated companies and instantly provide them with stand-alone websites.



Every company/category/product which has been entered into the system is also immediately integrated into a sales and enquiry management tool. The customer can (if this functionality is required) purchase items directly from anywhere within the site, and such purchases are managed according to the business rules of the company.


The main administrator is able to provide a series of sub-administrative levels to allow micro management of any area of the system. Each category and/or company can be allowed to manage its own products, categories, pricing etc. Or this can all be done centrally. Statistical analysis can also be managed centrally or through the various zones of the system.

This system has been completed and is fully functional. We have created an operational (live) version of the system for a company acting as a portal and enquiry/sales management interface between Western customers and Chinese suppliers of hardware and glass.

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